Individual Cars

2-Seater Rare Reliant Turns Up!

Welcome to the Edenbridge Motor Show organised by the Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce. This is the first in what we hope will become an annual event on the chamber calendar.

Local resident Mr Tony Poupard is the proud owner of this splendid Reliant 2-seater sports car and will be proudly displaying his car at the motor show.

Tony has taken the car to many shows where it regularly draws attention to itself. The car is lovingly looked after and can be seen washed and polished in the driveway of his Edenbridge residence.

Reliant first made the Scimitar SS1 in 1984 and it was aimed at filling a gap in the small sports car market. It was Michelotti’s last design with an estimated production of 2,000 a year, however only 1,507 were produced in 10 years. 6 years on it was renamed the SST and finally in 1992 became the Scimitar Sabre. Sadly sales of this car ceased in 1995 with the collapse of Reliant.

Reliant revived the name Sabre which started the sports car theme some 30 years previous and the mark 2 was fitted with the proven Rover 1.4 K series twin-cam engine producing 103bhp making it capable of a sub 9.5 seconds 0 to 60 dash and led onto a top speed of 113mph. The body was constructed from fibreglass with a separate galvanised chassis.

This is the last sports car model that Reliant produced and approximately 60 were made although the exact number is unknown for when Reliant went into administration several cars were in the construction stage and it is not known if these were completed or scrapped.

Tony’s pride and joy is number 59 off the production line and he has owned the car since 2007. Please feel free to admire the car and Tony will be on hand to answer any questions on the day.

Local Window Specialist has a Vision for Cars and Bikes!

Local businessman Ian Lynas spends a lot of time concentrating on running his own company Edenbridge Window Systems with his better half Carol but it’s their passion for cars and bikes that really puts them both in the frame. Ian and his wife are in fact keen enthusiasts on both 4 and 2 wheels. As the pictures show there is a Subaru Imprezza, a Nissan Figaro and a Lambretta in the household line up.

Being fortunate enough to have had 3 Subaru Impreza’s in my own time I easily share Ian’s passion for his “Scooby”, a nickname among the Subaru Impreza owners, and Ian has even had a personalised number plate fitted emulating the name.

There have been quite a few incarnations of the Impreza and you would need the whole magazine to describe them all, however here we have a “Prodrive” version which is the professional sports tuning company employed by Subaru. It would have left the factory at a standard 305bhp capable of taking on cars in the supercar bracket but Ian has had it re-mapped and tuned to 340bhp for a little extra excitement.

The Nissan Figaro is Carol’s little pride and joy affectionately known as “Nipper” and although the car shows signs of a 60s retro look it was actually launched for the Japanese market in 1989 and could only be bought by way of purchasing a lottery ticket. It was only available in 4 colours that evidently depicted the change of seasons. The name Nissan was also never used on the car.

Carol is in good company having owned this beauty for its entire UK life as many celebrities have purchased one of these unusual imported cars and it can also be seen on the opening credits of The Andrew Marr show on the BBC every Sunday morning.

The Lambretta they call “Frank” was built up from a box of bits and pieces in their own house over a 2 year restoration programme with sensible and subtle upgrades to keep up with modern traffic whilst still retaining the vintage looks from its 1963 heritage. The scooter would you believe has its own Facebook page simply called “Frank” where you can see more information and lots of photos.

 All 3 vehicles of course will be proudly displayed at the motor show.

Ex Fireman goes from Rocker to Rat Catcher

Roy Ayshford is well known in the Edenbridge area as the local rat catcher, however Roy’s love of catching all things furry is a far cry from his previous career. 22 years ago Roy having spent the previous 20 years in the fire service fractured his spine in 3 places in an accident whilst on a fire in Dartford.

Retired and bored at home Roy simply saw a rat in his garden, went on a weeks course and Surekill Pest Control Services was born, he now has a customer base of over 100 clients.

Roy’s love of motors has also taken him on an interesting course. Motorcycle sidecar racing, banger racing, hot rods and mini rods over dirt tracks are all among his conquests.

Being a bit of a rocker made it a fairly obvious choice when looking for a classic car some 4 years ago. Roy purchased this 1961 Vauxhall Victor F type which suited his rock image perfectly.

After new brakes, steering and some welding work Roy was pleased with the result and rightly states it’s his pride and joy. Roy goes on to tell me it has covered a mere 23,000 miles and he is in possession of all old Mot’s to clarify the mileage. “In the last 4 years I have only done 600 miles” states Roy.

The car is taken to as many shows as possible including rock and roll weekenders. Roy often has comments at shows usually from parents and grandparents stating they once owned a car like this and how they love to see her.

Quite amazingly this stunning Vauxhall is one of only 8 still on the roads in the UK today.