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NSU Motorcycles and Cars

Welcome to the Edenbridge Motor Show organised by the Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce. This is the first in what we hope will become an annual event on the chamber calendar.

Many people will remember NSU Motorcycles in the 1950s - winning everything! In fact NSU were building cars, bicycles and motorcycles back in the early 1900s but it was the motorbikes that the impact in the 50s along with the arrival of the NSU Quickly moped - thousands of these were exported to the UK and there is a big following even today,

Late 50s saw the start of car production again with the Prinz I, II and III, then came more familiar air-cooled Prinz 4, followed by the Sport Prinz, the rotary engine Spider the air-cooled 1000, 1200, TT and TTS, they dropped the name Prinz on the 1000 and 1200 in 1966/7 then finally the rotary engine Ro80.

NSU was the first to develop the rotary engine starting with the now, very collectable Spider and then the very futuristic designed Ro80, this model was to prove the demise of NSU because of the replacement engines that were part of the guarantee but towards the end of production any problems had been sorted out, but by then it was too late and the take over process began.

NSU was taken over by VW who used the TT engine as a basis for the Golf - yes, really, Nowadays NSU is a proud part of Audi Heritage - some say it is the Audi fifth ring.

Today parts are readily available in Germany for all the air cooled models - all being remanufactured because of the enthusiastic following in Europe. The UK NSU Owners Club ( was formed in 1961 when the cars first appeared here and is still going strong after 53 years.

We cover the whole range of NSU vehicles and can locate/supply parts/advise, supply Year of Manufacture letters of verification letters for re-registering your NSU vehicle. Also valuations and insurance.

As a club we meet about once a month - usually in and around the South East where the bulk of the membership is. One of our members races a 1200TT in classic touring cars - the engine has been stretched a bit -  to 1600!! Has wins at all UK circuits and at Spa and Nurburgring and was Post Historic Touring Car champion for 2 years running.

Among the NSU cars on view today are two late examples of the NSU 1000 and much sort after NSU 1200TT.

Mazda MX5 Driver Club Lucky 13 is a relatively new, but fast growing forum set up to create a social club for owners of the Mazda MX5, which this year celebrates its 25th year of continuous production.

The MX5 was launched back in 1989 and has gone on to become the best selling 2 seat sports car of all time and just keeps maturing with age and graceful facelifts. Age old pop up headlights were first used on the original MX5's and over time fixed lights along with engine sizes being increased and modern day luxuries have all been added.

It was a bold move by the Japanese manufacturer to launch such a car in the UK at that time as there was only really the Alfa Romeo Spider as competition, although a decade earlier we wer e picking from such cars as the MGB, Triumph TR7 and Spitfire and Fiat Spider.

By February 2011 there were sales in excess of 900,000. With this amount of cars produced you would think there is a lack of individuality, however with UK spec cars, imports, limited edition and anniversary models together with thousands of adapted and customised versions there's always something different and unusual just around the corner. started exhibiting at shows this year and is proud to be part of the Edenbridge Motor Show. Members of the forum will be availabel throught the day to chat and demonstrate their cars and talk about the different models now available.

The forum is free to join and has members spread right across the UK and Overseas. Regular meets and events are organised offering ideal opportunities to get together and take part in  the drives, shows and other social activities. There is also shop online where members can buy a wide range of clothing.

Come along to the show and discuss the eagerly awaited launch of the new mark 4 version with their members.